Lifetime Achievement in the Arts Award

The Lifetime Achievement in the Arts Award, founded in 1987, is an annual award bestowed by City Council to an Ojai artist or organization which has enhanced our understanding and appreciation for the arts. The Arts Commission recommends the nominee to the City Council. The criteria for the award include proven continuous artistic excellence, demonstrated community involvement and established recognition within their field.


1987Beatrice Wood (ceramics)
1989Robert Emhart (theatre)
1990Anne Docent (dance)
1991Charlotte Bronstein (theatre)
1992George Stewart (artist, historian)
1993Robert Brown (theatre)
1994Zelma Wilson (architecture)
1995Vivika & Otto Heino (ceramics)
1996Bert Collins (artist)
1997Carlyle Montgomery (sculpture)
1998Elizabeth Ridenour (theatre)
1999Gayle Childress (artist)
2000Joan Kemper (patron)
2001Nancy Rupp (artist)
2002Bill Wagner (music)
2003Phil Harvey (photography)
2004Marta Nelson (artist)
2005Peter Strauss (theatre)
2006Sergio Arragones (artist)
2007Ojai Center for the Arts (organization)
2008The Ojai Music Festival (organization)
2009John Zeretzke (musician, educator)
2010David Bury (architect)
2012Secco ( visual artist)
2013Kim Maxwell (theatre, educator)