Trimpin’s SoundArch



Hours of Operation

The Sound Arch operates daily from 10am to sunset.

About the sound Arch

In 2010 Ojai’s Libbey Bowl was the subject of a $4 million joint reconstruction project funded through the City and private donations raised by the organization Build the Bowl . Coinciding with the reopening of this new musical venue, the sound artist Trimpin installed his permanent art piece in Libbey Park, titled the Sound Arch.

Installed at the entrance to Libbey Bowl Trimpin’s interactive sound sculpture is a permanent addition to the City’s Public Art Collection. The sculpture uses 24 reclaimed metal tubes of varying lengths with resonators and internal mallet mechanisms to produce melodic sounds, similar to a chiming instrument. The sculpture is activated by motion sensors when visitors approach the sculpture, playing electronically pre-composed musical sequences. The art piece can be operated manually or as a stand-alone instrument.

Sound Arch was chosen from more than 30 artists’ proposals by a seven-member jury, including representatives from Ojai’s art community, the Ojai Music Festival and the City’s Planning and Arts Commissions