Commission Vacancies

Commissioner Application

Current List of Commissioners/Maddy Act Local Appointments List

Please submit an application to the City Clerk's Office for the following vacancies on City of Ojai Commissions and County of Ventura Citizen Advisory Committees (as of 8/24/23):

City of Ojai Commission and Committee Vacancies:

Planning Commission

  • One (1) Commissioner seat vacant

Parks and Recreation Commission

  • Two (2) Commissioner seats vacant

  • One (1) Youth Commissioner seat vacant

Historic Preservation Commission

  • One (1) Commissioner seat vacant

County of Ventura Citizen Advisory Commission Vacancies:

Ventura County Area Agency on Aging (VCAAA) Advisory Council

  • Two (2) Ojai seats available on this County council

Area Housing Authority Board of Commissioners

  • One (1) Ojai Housing Commissioner seat vacant on this County commission